Push Pin Magnet

What are Pin Magnets? When Deb from Harrogate first contacted us to tell us about her magnet application it was difficult to fully understand how Deb was using the magnets she had purchased from us.

After receiving a selection of photos it was very clear that Deb had created a very simple but very clever way of pushing metal pins into fabric or hard surfaces.

Deb had purchased a selection of our 8mm diameter adhesive magnets to attach to a small, handheld, circular piece of wood. After the magnets were attached to the end of the wood with its self-adhesive back, Deb was then able to attract the top of a pin with the magnet and push it into almost any surface.

Deb’s ‘pusher inner’ was created for the Harrogate Flower Show to fix various items in place during the event. This device helped to speed up the process of using large quantities of drawing pins and reduced the pressure on their fingers during the event.

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