Spine-Tingling Halloween Magnetic Door Designs

With a little imagination, a dash of creativity, and a roll of black magnetic sheet and tape you can create some fabulous hair-raising designs to temporarily transform an ordinary white magnetic surface such as your garage, house, or fridge door!

What you need:

The magnetic sheets and tape have a colored surface on one side and are magnetic on the other. What’s more, they are all thin and flexible enough to cut with a regular pair of household scissors so no experience or hi-tech tools are required to produce your designs.

Below, we’ve identified a few great ones for you to try.

Because our magnetic flexible sheets and tapes are made from a rubber material they will not mark the surface they are attracted to. They can then be taken down in seconds and rolled up for next year to use again!

Please note, that not all garage and fridge doors are magnetic. This application will only work on surfaces made from a ferrous material.

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