flexible magnetic sheets

Speaker Light covered by a magnet 25/04/2022

Detachable Magnetic Light Cover

Sitting down to watch the latest rom-com or that super scary horror movie you’ve heard about can be some of the best times, but could you imagine having a bright white LED light right beneath your television screen, unfortunately, this was the exact situation our customer Dave found himself in.

Magnetic Vehicle Sign 08/06/2021

Magnetic Vehicle Signs

Vehicle signs are a fantastic way of getting your message to the millions of motorists and passengers who travel by car every day. If you own a business you need to make sure your vehicles look their best and portray your company’s brand – magnetic vehicle signs are the most cost-effective, durable, and flexible option.

Craft Die Storage Magnetic Sheets 19/02/2019

Craft Die Storage Magnetic Sheets

Storing Craft Dies can be tricky business. Across the internet, you can find many different ways to create your own storage solution for metal craft dies. We were very lucky to hear from one of our customers who had come up with their own unique metal craft die storage solution.