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Stop light seppage with magnets 16/02/2021

Wakey wakey, rise and shine – How to fix light seepage with magnets!

Everyone loves a good nights sleep, and there is nothing worse than when this is disrupted, especially if it is from light seeping through your curtains at 6AM! Sleep plays a vital role in everyone’s life, sleep is involved in healing and repair of your heart and blood vessels. It can also help improve mental/physical health and helps support a healthy brain function to make you more productive throughout the day. So why let the things like your curtains get in the way of this? Especially since this can be... Read More

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Stopping Light Seepage In RV’s Using Magnets

We are often questioned on how people can stop light coming through their RV’s, especially during the summer months with early sunrises. We had recently heard from two of our customers who were looking to solve this issue. The solution to this issue – creating their own magnetic blinds to kick out the light! Like many RV and campervan owners, our customers had a true passion for motorhomes and emailed in some great photos! Light seepage is a common problem that many motorhome users run into. Manufactured and fitted with... Read More