Lockdown Crafts

Scrapbooking Magnets 24/02/2021

Using Magnets In Scrapbooking & Paper Craft

With over 4% of the United States population having done traditional scrapbooking, it is considered one of the most popular crafts in the nation. One of our customers who is the founder of Dawn’s Inspirations, a website that provides expert craft tutorials and workshops for making scrapbooks, photo albums shared their amazing scrapbook creations with us, all with the use of magnets! With a YouTube channel and subscribers from all across the world, their love for teaching others the art of craft and scrapbooking is above and beyond. With multiple... Read More

Magnetic Photo Display 19/02/2021

How To Create Photo Displays With Magnets

Looking to display those precious memories, but do not want to hammer into your walls and furniture? Well we have the perfect solution for you, all with the help of magnets! Below, we will demonstrate how to create magnetic photo frames and apply them to your walls to create beautiful displays that can be updated and re-arranged instantly. To start, we are going to create a magnetic fixing point against your wall. For this, you will need a circular disc magnet with a self-adhesive backing, like the ND20015NA-LM-4. Please note,... Read More

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Using Magnets In Model Aircrafts

Magnets have been extremely popular in the model and craft world. Particularly, we have lots of craft and model making enthusiasts asking our experts about model magnets, as they are easily hidden within fixings whilst providing a sturdy hold. In fact, one of our customers got in contact with us to show how they used our magnets in one of his model aircrafts! They had demonstrated how they used our 6mm (0.24″) diameter x 0.5mm (0.2″) thick N42 Neodymium Magnet – 0.2kg (0.44lbs) Pull in their Hawker Hurricane model aircraft.... Read More