Motorbike Rack Magnet 28/07/2022

Magnetic Motorcycle Parcel Rack

There is no limit to how you can use magnets, this especially comes in handy when we hear from customers with unusual applications. Our sales team recently dealt with a customer who was looking for a way to secure their motorcycle parcel rack to their motorcycle.

magnetic stud finder 21/07/2022

DIY Magnetic Stud Finder

The majority of your walls are made up of drywall/plasterboard, which can easily crumble and is unable to support heavy weight, this is why it’s essential to locate a stud before hanging anything heavy on your walls.

DIY Magnetic Stove Wand 12/07/2022

DIY Magnetic Stove Wand

Planning a bonfire? Or do you have a small fireplace or log burner in your home? If so, this magnetic stove wand can make cleaning out ferrous items such as metal shavings & screws a lot less hassle, and prevents you from getting your hands dirty!