Using Magnets To Transport Warhammer Figures

Warhammer is played across the world and is extremely popular here in the UK, where the original Games Workshop was founded over 45 years ago. Here at FIRST4MAGNETS, we have had numerous customers contact us showing how they have used magnets to improve their figures.

There are several ways in which our magnets can be used throughout a Warhammer collection, one of the creative and frequent ways we see our magnets utilized is when collectors magnetize their collection for transporting.

One customer, Des a Warhammer painter and player, has captured each step of adding magnets to his figures for different purposes.

However, no matter what reason you’re magnetizing your collection Des has noted three key things to be careful of.

  • Make sure you always check the magnet’s polarity.
  • When using super glue, don’t place it in an enclosed space for 24 hours, as this can create a white mist that will mark your mini.
  • If you’re magnetizing a squad, follow a sequence. Like the one below.

– Shoulder of the first model then the arm of the first model

– Use the arm of the first model to check against the shoulder of the second model

– Use the shoulder of the first model with the arm of the second model

– Follow this sequence for all models so that the polarity remains the same for every model in the unit.

Warhammer Transportation Magnets

Magnets for Transportation

One reason for the use of magnets in Warhammer is to help transport your collection, collectors can ensure their figures will be safe when traveling and can be quickly and easily packed without the need for unnecessary packaging.

This is achieved by adding a magnet to the base of each figure so that they will attract to the flexible magnetic sheet which can be used as the base in the box in which the figures are carried in.

Des used our 10mm dia x 2mm thick N42 Neodymium Magnets (1.44kg Pull) and one of our FerroFlex sheets to magnetize his collection.

You can see Des’s step-by-step tutorial below:

Crafting Magnet

Step One – Dry test your magnets, to ensure it fits and is the correct height to be flush with the bottom of the base. For the majority of Games Workshop bases, 10mm x 2mm works.

Crafting Magnet

Step Two – Having tested your magnet, then place a small amount of superglue onto the underside of the base.

Crafting Magnet

Step Three – Then place your magnet onto the superglue and press firmly until the magnet is set.

Crafting Magnet

Step Four – Be sure to leave the entire side to dry for 24 hours, as when using superglue in an enclosed space a white mist can be created and mark your figure.

Crafting Magnet

Step Five – After the side has dried, you can then place the mini into the box with the flexible magnetic sheet base.

Crafting Magnet

Step Six – Turn the entire box upside down and smile.

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