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4mm (0.16") Diameter Circular Disc Magnets

A range of 4mm (0.16") diameter strong neodymium disc magnets. Really versatile used for everything from model railways to magnetic therapy
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18 Items
  • 4mm dia x 2mm thick Samarium Cobalt Magnet - 0.32kg Pull
  • 4mm dia x 5mm thick Samarium Cobalt Magnet - 0.44kg Pull
  • 3.96mm dia x 3.17mm thick N42 Neodymium Magnet - 0.421kg Pull - Licensed Material (Pack of 20)
  • 4.76mm dia x 0.79mm thick N42 Neodymium Magnet - 0.151kg Pull - Licensed Material (Pack of 50)
  • 4.76mm dia x 1.58mm thick N42 Neodymium Magnet - Licensed Material
  • 4.76mm dia x 4.76mm thick N42 Neodymium Magnet - 0.802kg Pull - Licensed Material (Pack of 20)
  • 4mm dia x 12.5mm thick N42 Neodymium Magnets - 0.72kg Pull
  • 4mm dia x 7mm thick N42 Neodymium Magnets - 0.68kg Pull
  • 4mm dia x 0.5mm thick N42 Neodymium Magnet - 0.09kg Pull
  • 4mm dia x 3mm thick N42 Neodymium Magnet - 0.53kg Pull
  • 4mm dia x 4mm thick N42 Neodymium Magnet - 0.57kg Pull
  • 4mm dia x 1mm thick N42 Neodymium Magnet - 0.21kg Pull
  • 4mm dia x 8mm thick N42 Neodymium Magnet - 0.7kg Pull
  • 4mm dia x 1.5mm thick Gold Plated Therapy Magnets - Dimple On North Face
  • 4mm dia x 1.5mm thick N42 Neodymium Magnet - 0.36kg Pull
  • 4mm dia x 1mm thick N35 Neodymium Magnet - 0.16kg Pull
  • 4mm dia x 2mm thick N35 Neodymium Magnet - 0.38kg Pull
  • 4.76mm O.D x 1.58mm I.D x 4.76mm thick N42 Neodymium Ring Magnet - 0.75kg Pull

Are you spoilt for choice with our range of 4mm (0.16") diameter disc magnets? We don't blame you, there is a lot to choose from. 4mm (0.16") diameter disc magnets, while really small can generate an incredible pull. This makes them particularly popular among model makers including model railway enthusiasts for use in magnetic railway couplings. Because a 4mm (0.16") diameter x 1.5mm (0.06") thick neodymium disc magnet can produce a Gauss value of 5600 they are commonly used as therapy magnets for pain relief.