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19mm (0.75") Diameter Ring Magnets

19mm (0.75") diameter ring magnets. Made from high-grade N42 neodymium for maximum performance. Great to use with copper pipe to display eddy currents.
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2 Items
  • 19.1 mm dia x 6.4mm thick N42 Neodymium Magnet with 9.5mm hole - 8.1kg Pull
  • 3/4" O.D x 3/8" I.D x 1/8" thick N42 Neodymium Magnet - 9.88lbs Pull - Licensed Material (Pack of 1)

These neodymium ring magnets are part of our 19mm (0.75") diameter range. They are used in many everyday appliances such as vacuum cleaners plus motors, generators, rotor shafts and more. They can even be used to demonstrate intriguing 'eddy currents' using a 9mm (0.31") copper pipe. Simply slide the ring over the pipe and let it slide down its length and watch it slowly descend as the eddy currents produced create a damping effect. Compare this with an unmagnetized ring of the same dimension by repeating and watch as the unmagnetized ring slides down the pipe in an instant. A great way to bring magnets to life in the classroom.