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Ring Magnets

Our Neodymium, Ferrite (Ceramic) and Samarium Cobalt circular ring magnets are extremely versatile for many applications, designed with a plain hole for easy fixing via screw or on to a rod. Explore our wide range.

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10 Items
  • 1" O.D x 5/16" I.D x 1/4" thick N42 Neodymium Magnet - 24.26lbs Pull - Licensed Material
  • 1/2" O.D x 1/8" I.D x 1/8" thick N42 Neodymium Magnet - 10.23lbs Pull - Licensed Material
  • 1/4" O.D x 1/8" I.D x 1/16" thick N42 Neodymium Magnet - 1.3lbs Pull - Licensed Material
  • 1/8" O.D x 1/16" I.D x 1/16" thick N42 Neodymium Magnet - 0.35lbs Pull - Licensed Material
  • 12mm O.D. x 2mm I.D. x 6mm thick Y10 Ferrite Magnets - 0.137kg Pull
  • 12mm O.D. x 3mm I.D. x 3.3mm thick Y10 Ferrite Magnets - 0.1kg Pull
  • 12mm O.D. x 7mm I.D. x 3mm thick Y10 Ferrite Magnets
  • 3/4" O.D x 3/8" I.D x 1/8" thick N42 Neodymium Magnet - 9.88lbs Pull - Licensed Material (Pack of 1)
  • 40mm O.D x 25mm I.D x 5mm thick Samarium Cobalt Ring Magnet - 11.4kg Pull
  • 50mm O.D x 25mm I.D x 10mm thick Y30BH Ferrite Ring Magnet - 5kg Pull High Temperature

Below, you will find a selection of magnets with a central plain hole for fixing in place with a non-countersunk bolt or screw or for fixing on to a rod.

Basic ring magnets without any additional machining can be magnetized with their north and south pole on opposite circular faces or diametrically magnetized so that the north pole is on one curved side and the south pole is on opposite curved side. They are used in many everyday appliances such as vacuum cleaners plus motors, generators, rotor shafts and more. You can also use ring magnets with a piece of copper pipe to display fascinating eddy currents.