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25/64" thick Magnets Countersunk

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4 Items
  • 20mm dia x 10mm thick x 5.2mm c/sink Samarium Cobalt Magnet - 7.1kg Pull
  • 25mm dia x 10mm thick x M4 thread hole Samarium Cobalt Pot Magnet - 16.7kg Pull
  • 20mm dia x 10mm thick x 5.2mm c/sink Ferrite Magnet - 1.2kg Pull
  • 38mm dia x 10mm thick Alnico Shallow Pot Magnet c/w 5.2mm dia countersunk hole - 13kg Pull

A selection of magnets with a thickness measuring 25/64" - 7/16".

In this section you will find a range of high-performance neodymium magnets, great value ceramic magnets and high temperature resistance samarium cobalt magnets including disc, rectangular, square, ring, rod, countersunk pot and sphere variations.