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37/47" dia x 37/94" thick x 17/83" c/sink Samarium Cobalt Magnet - 15.65lbs Pull

High-performance countersunk samarium cobalt (Sm2Co17) magnet available with either pole on the countersunk face. With a maximum operating temperature of 300 degrees Celsius these magnets are perfect for high-temperature applications.

Pack quantity 1: 1 Countersunkmagnet

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Product Code: F314N-SC
Shape: Disc
Magnetic Face: 25/32" diameter
Thickness: 25/64"
Material: Sm2Co17
Performance (Gauss): 4000
Vertical Pull: 15.65lbs
Slide Resistance: 3.13lbs
Max Temp: 572°F
Fixing: 13/64" c/sink
  • 37/47'' diameter x 37/94'' thick with a 17/83'' diameter countersunk hole for fixing
  • +/-0.004" tolerance
  • Each magnet has its south pole on the countersunk face
  • Resistant to corrosion and demagnetisation
  • Can be fixed in place with our 12/61'' diameter countersunk screws

Samarium cobalt is a type of rare-earth magnet that has the ability to withstand and operate in high temperatures, however they are not as powerful as super-strong Neodymium magnets. Because of their high maximum operating temperature they are commonly used in applications such as motors and electric motors, turbo machinery and sensors. What’s more, because they have a superior resistance to corrosion they are ideal for using outside.

Countersunk magnets with opposite poles on the countersunk face can be used to attract two surfaces or two opposing countersunk magnets with the same pole on the countersunk face can be used to create a damping, shock absorbing or repelling effect.

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