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Countersunk magnets get their name from their design. In simple terms, they are magnets with a countersunk hole that is designed for screwing and fixing the magnet into place.

They provide you with a magnetic point to attract to or repel, with either pole available on the magnetic face. Our countersunk magnets can be installed by using magnet to magnet attraction with north and south facing magnets, or by attracting to an adhesive steel disc. Our range of Neodymium, Samarium Cobalt and Ferrite countersunk magnets are ideal for furniture fixings, securing artwork to the wall, and door catches. For more heavy-duty applications, we have a series of countersunk holed pot magnets, which provide a stronger clamping force.

If you’re looking for information on how you can use these magnets in your application, you have come to the right place! As this page will talk and guide you through all the different types of countersunk magnets, whilst showing you how diverse they are.


10mm dia - 20mm dia Countersunk Magnets

Starting from 1.2kg pull to 13.2kg pull, our smaller range of Neodymium and Samarium Cobalt countersunk magnets still hold a significant amount considering their size, with 13.2kg roughly equalling to 7 bags of sugar!

These magnets are used commonly within quick DIY applications. For example, cabinet making, gate latches and fixing bath panels. They are also handy for commercial applications, such as, securing window displays, shelving and small signage.


Countersunk Pot Magnets

Our countersunk pot magnets are encased within a steel shell to ensure maximum performance whilst protecting the magnet from cracking or chipping when in use.

Whilst our pot magnets have many fixing options, our countersunk pot magnets are a popular choice and are extremely versatile for a wide range of applications, including many heavy-duty applications.

Our strongest countersunk pot magnet has a vertical pull of 90kg, which is the same as 1800,000 drops of water. Applications include, holding light fixtures, display signage and even as door stops for canal boats!


Rubber Coated Countersunk Magnets

These magnets are designed to be fixed to non-magnetic surfaces, due to their rubber coating. Their rubber-coating adds protection to soften the impact on both the magnet and the surface it is applied to, making them ideal for attracting to fragile or easily marked surfaces.

In addition, the rubber coating increases friction and resistance to sliding, allowing for a more secure hold. This makes them ideal for hanging artwork or display work and for DIY applications, such as, gate latches.


Countersunk Channel Magnets

Our countersunk channel magnets are supplied with either one or two countersunk holes, providing a flush, secure finish. The steel channel casing is designed to protect the magnet from damage during daily usage.

Starting from 4kg pull to a staggering 40kg pull, makes our channel magnets extremely versatile and suitable in heavy duty applications. As 40kg can equivalent to the weight of a newborn calf! Countersunk channel magnets are commonly used in mounting or securing, in door latches, licence plate holders and signage.


Explore Our Bestsellers

Below you will find some of our bestsellers in the range. Alternatively, feel free to shop our full range here:


Complete the solution

Complete the solution with our countersunk screws and steel discs. Standard steel screws will absorb some of the magnetism from the countersunk magnets, but our range of stainless steel screws ensure maximum performance from the magnets as all magnetism is contained within the magnet. Please note steel discs are not magnets, but instead are used as a striker plate which magnets are attracted to or as keepers to create a closed magnetic circuit.


Need more inspiration? Click the below image to see how our customer's have used countersunk magnets in their applications:  

If you require advice or clarification on the right countersunk magnet for your application please contact our technical sales team on:

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