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Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced craft maker/model-making enthusiast our range of craft magnets will be sure to get your creative juices following. With various shapes, sizes, and pull strengths, our craft magnets offer a secure and discreet fixing for many applications.

Looking for some inspiration or guidance for your next project? You have come to the right place! Here we have put together some guides, and tutorials and collated our customer applications in order to inspire and help you with current and future creations!



From Warhammer to model trains and planes, we receive an increasing number of enquiries on how magnets can adapt and modify your models. Our craft magnets play a key role in the design and functionality of many model-making applications, offering a discreet and secure solution to holding parts of finished models together.

In Warhammer, magnets are extremely popular as they allow parts of the model to be interchangeable, whilst held securely in place when in use. This can come in handy for changing weaponry and additional armor. Get inspired by our customer's Warhammer creations here.

In model railways, magnets can come in handy in several ways, but the most common use is to decouple trains. Simply glue two MOD1 magnets to the coupling element of the train and place a single F408 magnet embedded into the ground underneath the train track to allow the carriages to separate while on the move. View our solution here.

Whilst magnets come in handy for modifying your models, they can also be a useful aid during the construction of models. Our F418 Neodymium magnets allowed one of our customers to securely hold a vital piece of his model in place while he spot-drilled a component in situ. Magnets were used to hold a thin steel plate to his locomotive train coupling rods, and the coupling rods to the locomotive chassis while two holes were drilled in opposite corners. View our customer application here.



We encourage creativity and are excited to see that magnets are becoming increasingly popular in arts and crafts applications! Common applications include magnetic wedding and party invitations, view our customer applications here.

When we think of arts and crafts we think about cutting and sticking things together. Whilst glue offers a more permanent solution to fixing and securing, why limit your creativity to one solution? Magnets allow you to easily change and update your artwork the more you develop. Examples of this are photobooks and scrapbooks. See our customer's scrapbook application here.

Magnets can also be used within your textile applications, as they make a great fastening device. For example, our F15PVC stitch-in PVC textile magnets can be sewn within handbags or totes bags to close the bag, allowing items within the bag to be protected in all weather conditions. Explore our customer's textiles applications here.

Obsessed with jewellery and accessories? Why not try making your own? Our magnetic jewellery clasps are a safe and secure way to fasten bracelets and necklaces. Simply thread and knot the jewellery through the central hole with the two counter-bored sides facing each other, these will attract together.

Or our adhesive name badge discs NB07 can be used to make magnetic broaches. This is an ideal alternative to traditional pinbacks as they won’t leave holes in clothing or accessories. Simply peel and stick our adhesive-backed steel disc to the back of homemade badges, fabric patches or jewelled applique, then use the magnetic disc to sit underneath the clothing to secure it into place.



Designing and creating takes a lot of your time, so why not show people the final product? We have helped hundreds of artists, exhibitors, and curators looking for the ideal magnets to hang artwork and designs in their exhibitions, galleries, displays, or in their homes. View our customer applications here.

As mentioned before, ideas and creativity develop and change over time. Magnets provide the perfect solution for these changes, allowing you to easily move and change pieces in an instant.

Another advantage is that magnets won’t damage the artwork or the walls, so your masterpiece is safe! There are various ways to achieve this, but this will depend on the artwork and the surface you are applying the artwork to. A common way is screwing our countersunk magnets into the wall and using a disc magnet or steel disc to pin the artwork up.

The advantage of magnets making objects detachable means they are a great tool within interactive exhibitions. For example, a customer contacted us regarding a summer exhibition he’d been working on at St Neots Museum, called Marble Mania.

The main feature was a giant interactive marble run, which was built using our very own countersink Neodymium magnets. The project is to encourage children and young people to explore science, technology, and mechanics through play. Who would have thought magnets played a key role here?! View our customer's exhibitions here.



Looking for ideas for your next project? Be inspired by our customer's craft and model applications!