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Neodymium Large Metre Sheet

Our Neodymium magnets are available in a range of shapes and sizes, offering a superior pull performance to other materials with the same volume, thanks to their NdFeB properties. Explore our wide range of super-strong Neodymium magnets.

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  • NeoFlex® 300mm Wide Flexible Neodymium Magnetic Sheet - 3M™ Self-Adhesive
  • NeoFlex® 150mm Wide Flexible Neodymium Magnetic Sheet - 3M™ Self-Adhesive

Neodymium magnets are the most powerful of all permanent magnets. They are often known as “Super Magnets”.

They are used in applications where the strongest magnetic force is required from the smallest possible volume of magnet material.

Even small neodymium magnets have a surprising amount of magnetic force and they are capable of lifting in excess of 1,000 times their own weight. A neodymium disc magnet weighing only 0.004lbs can lift a steel block weighing over 4.41lbs!

Neodymium magnets emit deep magnetic fields to attract ferrous items and other magnets from impressive distances. Two neodymium disc magnets 25/64" diameter and 13/64" thick can attract each other and hold in place, through the thickness of a human finger. This is why so many neodymium magnets are used by magicians for magic tricks and illusions.

Recent miniaturization of power tools, motors, generators and loud speakers have only been possible because of the amazing magnetic performance provided by modern neodymium magnets.

Neodymium magnets are relatively new, they were developed in the mid 1980s and can now be found extensively in countless modern applications from refrigerator magnets to wind turbines! 

Neodymium magnets are available in discs, blocks, arcs, spheres and trapezoid shapes. They can be supplied with a number of fixing options including countersunk holes for screw fixing and with 3M 468 self-adhesive for thinner magnets to be instantly fixed to point of sale displays and printed folders.

Threads cannot be manufactured directly into neodymium magnets because they are too hard and brittle, but when integrated into pot magnet assemblies, rear threaded fixings are available in the steel pot magnet shell.

Since the introduction of neodymium magnets, the manufacturing cost of neodymium magnets has fallen in line with a massive increase in production capability and now small neodymium magnets are cheap enough to be used in low cost promotional giveaway items.

Neodymium magnets (NdFeB), commonly known as ‘rare earth’ magnets are high-performance permanent magnets constructed from an alloy of neodymium, iron and boron. They are true permanent magnets and will not lose their magnetism unless they are heated to a temperature which exceeds the maximum operating temperature rating or their protective plating is damaged and water ingress causes rusting, which over time will magnetically and mechanically damage the magnets.

FIRST4MAGNETS has a wide range of shapes and sizes of neodymium magnets and has over 20 million neodymium magnets in stock, all available with same day dispatch when ordered before 12.30pm EDT.

If you need neodymium magnets that are not in the standard range, then don’t worry, they can be made specially to order usually on a 4 week lead time and free of charge quotations can be issued quickly.

FIRST4MAGNETS prides itself on offering free, expert, technical advice for it’s customers, ensuring they are on the cutting edge of supplying neodymium magnets for the latest emerging technologies.

If you would like free expert technical advice please contact a member of our Technical Sales Team: 800-917-0841