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Magnetic Chucks

Magnetic Chucks are an alternative to the traditional workholding machinery, as they use magnetic force from permanent magnets to clamp and secure work pieces in place. Our magnetic chucks have been engineered to give the customer an effective and instant holding force, that will consistently and safely clamp the material they are working on. Magnetic chucks give users higher rates of productivity when grinding, cutting and milling ferrous metals, as demonstrated below: 





How do they work?

A magnetic chuck is activated by manually turning the key from on to off position. Within the chuck, the magnets are always active, however the magnetic flux remains locked inside the chuck when it is turned off.

Once the chuck is turned on, the magnets are aligned with the top plate, and the magnetic flux travels above the top plate. When a work piece is applied to the top, it is secured as the flux is locked on to this. This will allow the user to securely work on the work piece.

Simply screw the chuck to your work bench using the mounting points on the base of the magnetic chuck.

Ensuring the chuck is flat on the work bench, apply the work piece on top.

Pull the switch to turn on the magnetism. This will hold the work piece securely in place. 


Magnetic chucks have a lot of advantages, from improved safety through secure hold, to reduction in operational times and cost. All our chucks are designed with a parallel pitch top plate, allowing for multiple workpieces to be used at once. The magnetic force is spread across the whole face of the top plate ensuring high accuracy and safety, whilst preventing distortions in the workpiece when using. Learn how magnetic chucks can benefit your operation below…  


Magnetic chucks provide a consistent clamping pressure that ensures there is no variation in how tightly or loosely the work piece is held, this hold improves the working safety of the user. The permanent hold also provides accuracy and precision in machining, cutting, drilling, milling, turning and grinding.


An advantage of using permanent magnetic chucks over traditional workholding machinery is that operation times and costs are considerably reduced, leading to an increase in efficiency and output. Our chucks come with a removable operating handle, which provides simple on-off switching between work pieces. With no manual clamping required, this leads to significantly improved clamping time.


No electricity is required for the operation of permanent magnetic chucks, so there is less machine downtime between work piece setups, and operation can be carried out even in the event of a power failure. This also will help cut your electricity bills down and give you more time to get on with other tasks.


Magnetic chucks provide a versatile clamping solution for use with a wide range of work piece sizes. Our magnetic chucks are easy to operate and are highly reliable due to their permanent magnetism, ensuring consistent clamping at all times. Whilst clamped, all 5 faces of the work piece can be accessed within one set up, providing increased working versatility.

Product options

Within our range of magnetic chucks, we offer two types of pitches, these are fine pole pitch and standard pole pitch. Our fine pole pitch magnetic chucks are ideal for holding thinner work pieces of 3mm or less. Our standard pole pitch magnetic chucks are more suited to clamping thicker work pieces of 3mm plus. While offering two forms of magnetic pitches, users can further shop to their requirements with our selection of shapes and sizes. Choose from rectangular magnetic chucks or circular magnetic chucks, where both options benefit from a fail safe design and magnetic work holding technology. Both shapes offer several sizes to satisfy specific requirements and dimensions. Shop our range below:

Need More Information?

If you require advice or clarification on the right magnetic chuck for your application please contact our technical sales team on 0845 519 4701 |