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Paint on to walls, doors and furniture to transform them into a surface that magnets will attract to.

Create Your Own Magnetic Space!



FerroPaint® is a water-based emulsion paint that contains fine iron particles. Transform your walls, doors and furniture into a surface that magnets will attract to, replacing the need for tacks, pins and nails! Ideal for converting surfaces into creative spaces in homes, offices and schools.



Coating area: 0.5m


Coating area: 1m


Coating area: 2m


Coating area: 5m


Coating area: 10m

How to apply

Prepare the Surface

Remove any uneven or peeling areas of paint before sanding the surface, using fine sandpaper to give the smoothest possible surface. The area to be painted must then be cleaned to remove any dust and grease using a clean, damp cloth. Mask off the areas around the surface you are painting to avoid getting stray paint on adjoining walls, ceilings, skirtings and fixtures.

Prime the Surface

Apply directly on top of existing emulsion. Irregular or highly absorbent surfaces such as new plaster will require a suitable primer before painting. Surfaces such as glass, wood, metal or plastic should all be primed before FerroPaint® is applied.

Prepare Equipment

FerroPaint® should be applied using a short nap roller that has had any loose fibres removed. It is recommended that a new, clean tray is used to avoid any contamination of the paint. Mix FerroPaint® thoroughly for 3-5 minutes to ensure all the iron particles are fully mixed in with the paint. Never mix FerroPaint® with another paint.


Apply FerroPaint® to your roller and paint evenly on the surface, in straight, vertical lines. You should avoid using brushes and overlapping the paint where possible. Apply 3 coats, allowing 4 hours drying time between each coat. Less than 3 coats will reduce the magnetic attraction. Leave the final coat for 24 hours before applying your desired top coat of emulsion.


Using our magnet selection packs, you can easily create a collaborative presentation space, picture gallery or an interactive playroom wall; our office and noticeboard or novelty magnets are suitable for use on FerroPaint® too!

Magnetic Paint Selection Pack

Magnetic Paint Selection Pack


Children Friendly Selection Pack

Children Friendly Selection Pack


Office Magnets

Office Magnets


Novelty Magnets

Novelty Magnets