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Magnetic Ferrofluid & Accessories

Ferrofluid is a mesmerising liquid that reacts to the attraction of a magnet or magnets! It is often used for science and education to show how iron particles react to a magnetic field, but it also creates a fascinating desk display that offers hours of fun for science and education enthusiasts.

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  • EFH1 Ferrofluid (Magnetic Liquid) - Science & Art
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  • EFH1 Ferrofluid 20ml with 90mm Petri Dish & Pipette - Science & Art

Ferrofluid is an amazing liquid which reacts to the influence of a magnetic field. Once within the magnetic field of a magnet, the previously runny liquid suddenly starts to grow spikes which grow higher as the magnet gets nearer and these spikes then repel each other, causing the patterns to move and change shape.

Introduce two magnets and the fluid will create strings between them and the effects are unbelievable!
If you have never seen this liquid before, you will be absolutely amazed by its fascinating reactions to magnetic fields. We supply a kit containing a 20ml bottle of ferrofluid, a pipette and a 90mm two-piece petri dish, plus a range of magnets to create stunning effects.