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What Is MagPlast?

MagPlast Magnetic Plaster by FIRST4MAGNETS® provides ultimate flexibility to create interactive spaces, allowing you to transform any wall into a smooth and fully interactive magnetic surface, whilst preventing holes for nails or screws.

MagPlast is the highest magnetic receptive-based product available and offers superior performance for holding a wide range of magnets. MagPlast magnetic plaster contains 95% metal powder and is a high-performance plaster that can attract magnets, combining durability with a secure hold. The plaster is manufactured as a dry powder, which can be mixed with water and easily applied to a wall.

Magnetic plaster is very easy to use and can be applied the same as standard plaster. Use regular plastering tools and sandpaper to produce a very smooth magnetic surface. It can be top-coated with latex paint for a magnetic-only surface, or why not try our whiteboard paint for a magnetic dry erase surface!

Benefits Of Using MagPlast

Bring walls in homes, classrooms, or offices to life with ease.

Prevents the need for drilling holes in walls for screws or nails.

Apply any desired color paint over the top once dry.

Once applied, MagPlast sets on walls within hours*

How To Apply MagPlast


Measure the area you wish to cover, we suggest using 2kgs of magnetic plaster per 1sqm (0.6sq. feet).


Clear the surface and make sure the surface is flat. Cover any edges, light switches, or fittings with masking tape.


Pour the magnetic plaster into a container, add 35% water and thoroughly mix it.


Using a trowel, apply 70% of the plaster to the wall evenly. After 1 hour, use the other 30% of plaster to apply a second coat and make sure the surface is evenly covered.


Allow 24 hours for drying. Once dried, use sandpaper to sand the surface evenly until the surface is smooth.


Use a magnet to test the attraction force. Once it is up to standard, apply a final desired coat with either latex paint, whiteboard paint or blackboard paint.

What Can You Hang On Magnetic Plaster?

MagPlast is best used for hanging light to medium weight items that would usually be hung using small pins, tacks, or nails such as prints, pictures, clocks, and small mirrors can all be hung easily.


Heavier items like bookshelves and even TVs have been hung on the plaster, but this will require a careful arrangement of magnets to achieve.

Around The Home

“I was so excited when the magnetic wall was finished, I couldn’t wait to get arranged. I knew from the start I wanted this to not be covered in random office paperwork, instead, I wanted a space to collect ideas and inspirations. As a lifestyle and travel writer, it is great to be reminded, when I am deep in picture editing and writing, that the world is still out there."

“First4Magnets were so helpful and recommended exactly the products I needed to match the look of my room. I chose brushed chrome skittle pot magnets and a selection pack for magnetic walls, including magnets in all sizes and magnetic tape. I really enjoyed using the tape to create my own magnets using maps and art prints. The Blackboard Paint from first4magnets creates a really dramatic backdrop, as well as another layer of arty fun!”

Penny Alexander, A Residence (Wayfair) blog.

Around The Office

“The Magnetic Plaster is a complete game changer, especially from a design perspective. Having a magnetic wall opens up the possibilities for so many spaces, making gallery walls a doddle, simple to update and expand, giving children’s bedrooms and playrooms a constant source of interactive play, no need for picture hooks, panel pins, or drills, just grab some magnets and you’re away.”


Karen Knox, Making Spaces Interior Design.


Home Office

iPad Mount

Magnetic Blackboard

Retail Displays

Presentation Space

Magnetically Mounted Noticeboard

Blackboard Noticeboard

Need More Information?

If you require advice or clarification on the right lifting magnet for your application, please contact our technical sales team on 800-917-0841 or



The shelf life of MagPlast is 3 years.

Magnetic plaster is best applied directly to plasterboard, including moisture-resistant boards, but can also be applied to undercoat plaster or suitable sealed painted walls.


*To ensure the magnetic plaster is fully dry, we recommend allowing 24 hours before applying magnets to the surface.