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Multi-Purpose Magnetic Hooks

Introducing the revolutionary way to hang items securely within the kitchen,

bedroom, entrance hall, office and more!

With the convenient adhesive backed steel discs, these hooks can be applied to any flat surface, allowing you to hold bags, clothes and more easily and securely. Alternatively, if you have a ferrous surface, the magnets can be applied straight to this meaning your items are always securely held in place whilst being easy to reach!

Our multi-purpose magnetic hooks are perfect for hanging items such as coats, bags, keys and more anywhere thanks to the convenient adhesive-backed steel plates. Built with super strong Neodymium magnets, these hooks can hold up to 6kg in a sheer position when attracted to the steel plate or a ferrous surface of equal thickness. 

The great versatility of these hooks is that no tools are needed and no holes need to be screwed, making them the perfect hook for anywhere in the home or office! To install, simply use the adhesive-backed steel discs provided, peel and stick where needed. Leave for 24 hours to secure, and then attach the hook! Alternatively attach directly to any ferrous surface. 

  • Available in Black or Nickel
  • Pack of comes with 2 Neodymium hooks and matching adhesive steel plates
  • Attract to any flat surface with ease
  • 36mm base diameter x 39mm length.
  • 6kg pull when in sheer position and attracting to plate or ferrous surface of equal thickness.
  • Perfect for hanging hats, coats, and bags.