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An essential component of magnetic filtration systems these filter rod magnets combine several high-performance Neodymium (N42) magnets within a stainless steel casing with a 10mm thread.

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  • $118.76
  • 25mm diameter x 100mm long
  • Each magnet has north and south poles in radial bands around the circumference spaced 25mm apart
  • Each rod magnet has a surface Gauss measurement of approximately 12,000 Gauss
  • Completely sealed, welded and polished stainless steel casing
  • Can be fixed in place using the M8 10mm thread

Our filter rod magnets are used in a variety of industries including food, plastics and chemical processing to collect and remove magnetic particles during the processing or manufacturing process. The substance being manufactured is usually passed through a grid of filter magnets which attract any magnetic particles to their surface. These magnets have a large Gauss value because of their length and depth of field and generate very high levels of magnetism despite their relatively small surface pole area. These magnets come with a safe-handling warning; because they are so powerful they can be dangerous if not handled carefully.

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