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Magnetic Paint by MagPaint

Paint on to walls, doors and furniture to transform them into a surface that magnets will stick to. Create a magnetic surface anywhere and do away with tack, pins and nails; ideal for home, office and school.

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Product Code: KC-MAG0001
Weight: 1.4kg (3.086lbs)
Coverage: 1sqm
Thickness: 3 coats minimum
Drying time: 4 hours
Shelf life: 6 months
Certifications: CE Certified, EN71-3
  • Magnets attract to it like a steel surface
  • Each 0.5 litre tin will cover 1sqm using three coats (minimum recommended)
  • A minimum of three coats should be applied, although adding more coats will improve the magnetic attraction
  • In 24 hours it dries to a smooth grey finish which can be painted over with a top coat of emulsion of your choice. Why not cover with our or for a truly interactive finish.
  • Best used with and

This water-based emulsion magnetic paint is not a magnet itself but instead transforms any surface into one that magnets will stick to. The paint contains very fine ferrous particles, which gives it its grey colour but after just 24 hours a top coat of your choice can be applied - why not combine with our or for a truly interactive finish?

Magnetic paint is perfect for creating an interactive wall in the kids’ bedroom, a picture gallery without needing to use pins or nails or for organising the home office without the confines of a noticeboard. For heavier items, we recommend using , which provides a greater attraction than magnetic paint. For advice on the best magnets to use for your application, contact our customer care team today on 0845 519701.

The paint is non-toxic and VOC and lead free meaning it is safe for home, office and school. It will not affect signals from electronic equipment such as television or Wi-Fi signals.


Which magnets should I use with magnetic paint?

This depends on what it is you are trying to hold. If you are looking to hang something lightweight like photos or posters, then our range of are ideal, or small can be stuck to the back of the item you are looking to hang. If you are looking to hold picture frames or similar items then our or should be sufficient. If you are unsure, contact our team today.

What can I hang on a wall painted with magnetic paint?

Magnetic paint is best used for hanging lightweight items that would ordinarily be mounted using pins or tack. Or for creating an interactive play wall in a child’s bedroom.

How much weight can magnetic paint hold?

This depends very much on the number of coats applied, the type of the magnets used, the size of the magnet used and the texture of the surface wall. At first4magnets, we would not recommend attempting to hang anything heavier than 2.2lbs.

How thick should you apply magnetic paint?

At least three coats should be applied. The more additional coats applied, the stronger the magnetic attraction will be. The paint is best applied with a short nap roller. For a smoother surface, apply quite thickly and then smooth off with a trowel.

How much does one tin cover?

Applying three coats, every litre will cover 2sqm.

What surfaces can magnetic paint be applied to?

Magnetic paint can be applied directly over the top of an already painted surface or on to any surface that you would ordinarily paint with regular water-based emulsion.

Do you need special tools to apply it?

No special tools are required. Although for best results it is recommended that you use a short nap roller.

Can you apply a top coat over magnetic paint?

Yes, as the magnetic paint dries a dark grey colour it is often necessary to apply a top coat of your chosen colour. You can apply your chosen top coat after 24 hours.

What is the shelf life of the product?

Minimum of six months when stored unopened in temperatures between 5 deg C and 20 deg C.

Will it affect my Wi-Fi connection, phone signal or other electronic devices?

No, the magnetic paint will not affect any wireless signals in your house or any other electronic devices.

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