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Product Reviews for Precision Telescopic Magnetic Retrieval Pen Pick-Up Tool - Max Lift: 2.2lbs

Good product, shipped quickly

Good product, shipped quickly. Very pleased with outcome, retrieved tweezers from down plug hole first time with no problems.

July 30, 2013

My mother had one of these for approx 20 yrs until I broke it. We didn't think that the pen magnet would still be made, so when I found this product I was thrilled. My Mum was made up when I gave her this replacement.

July 29, 2013
The best thing!!

This is by far the best thing to get if you make clothes and use pins, I'm forever dropping them on the floor and as I have 3 cats and a dog and very rarely have anything on my feet you can imagine the pain if a pin gets into the foot, this takes it away!

July 29, 2013