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Switchable Release Magnets Other

Switchable release magnets are conveniently turned on and off as the user requires. The range includes magnetic chucks for grinding and milling ferrous items, lifting magnets for handling large workpieces, and magnetic sweepers for collecting ferrous debris.

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10 Items
  • Wood Stove Retrieval Magnet With Switchable Release (25mm dia  x 350mm)
  • 120 x 100 x 270mm long Plate Lifting Magnet with Cam Release - 50kg Pull
  • 63 x 50 x 55mm high Switchable Magnetic Base With M8 Mounting Hole - 70kg Pull
  • Small Switchable Multi-angle Welding Magnet (45° x 90° x 135°) - 13kg / 30lbs
  • Large Switchable Multi-Angle Welding Magnet (45° x 90° x 135°) - 24kg / 55lbs
  • MaxX TG 150 Hand Controlled Lifting Magnet for Thin Gauge Loads - 150kg safe working load (SWL)
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  • MaxX TG 300 Hand Controlled Lifting Magnet for Thin Gauge Loads - 300kg safe working load (SWL)
  • MaxX 125 Hand Controlled Lifting Magnet - 125kg safe working load (SWL)
  • MaxX 300 Energy Hand Controlled Lifting Magnet - 300kg safe working load (SWL)
  • MaxX 600 Energy Hand Controlled Lifting Magnet - 600kg safe working load (SWL)

Permanent magnets that can be turned on and off are known as switchable magnets. The switch mechanism, when turned off, ‘keepers’ the magnet. When turned on it releases the keepering mechanism allowing the magnetic field to escape. They are made using high performance magnets with a deep magnetic field and are designed to lift sheet steel and steel bars. They are ideal for quick-release jigs and lifting units and more than one magnet can be used side-by-side to increase the total holding force.

We’ve also built switchable releases into our wood strove retrieval magnetic and magnetic sweeper allowing you to remove ferrous items and then clean them from the assembly simply by pulling a lever.