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Plain Hole Magnets Pot & Clamping

Magnets with a plain hole are designed to be fixed in place with a non-countersunk bolt or screw, and can be placed onto a rod. The range includes channel magnets, Alnico horseshoes, limpet magnets and magnetic pads, as well as standard Neodymium and Ceramic assemblies.

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3 Items
  • 50mm dia x 10mm thick x 8.5mm hole Ferrite Pot Magnet - 15.8kg Pull
  • 66mm dia x 10mm thick x 8mm hole Ferrite Pot Magnet - 39kg Pull
  • 100mm dia x 22mm thick x 11mm hole Ferrite Pot Magnet - 68kg Pull

Below, you will find a selection of magnets with a plain hole for fixing in place with a non-countersunk bolt or screw or for fixing on to a rod.

Here you will find pot and channel magnets of various sizes. Pot and channel magnets provide a greater clamping force than regular magnets as the magnetism is concentrated on one face. While our plain neodymium magnets are designed to slide on to a rod.

You will also find our unique range of super-strong ‘limpet’ magnets, ideal for semi-permanent attachments.