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Isotropic Y30 Ceramic Square Magnet - 3/8 in. x 3/8 in. x 3/16 in. thick - 0.18lbs Pull

*Measurements have been rounded to the nearest fraction inch - please check the product description for specific measurements.*

Isotropic, square Ceramic (Ferrite) (Y30) magnet. Economical magnets that can be magnetized in any direction.

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  • $3.78
Product Code: F200F
Shape: Rectangle
Magnetic Face: 25/64" x 25/64"
Thickness: 13/64"
Grade: Y30
Material: Ceramic
Performance (Gauss): 600
Vertical Pull: 0.18lbs
Slide Resistance: 0.02lbs
Max Temp: 356°F
Fixing: Araldite/Loctite
  • 10mm x 10mm x 5mm square.
  • 0.39 in. x 0.39 in. x 0.2 in. square.
  • Each magnet's north and south pole are on opposite square faces.
  • Each magnet can support a steel weight of up to 0.08kg (0.18lbs) vertically from the magnetic face when in flush contact with a mild steel surface.
  • Resistant to demagnetisation and corrosion without any extra coating.

These square ferrite magnets, also known as ceramic magnets, are isotropic and therefore do not produce a magnetic field that is as strong as similar magnets that have an anisotropic alignment. Their isotropic characteristics mean that they can be magnetised in any direction. Ferrite magnets have a high resistance to corrosion and demagnetisation and their great advantage is that they can operate in temperatures of up to 180 degrees Celsius. These magnets are ideal for craft making, model making and other non-technical applications where a really strong magnet is not necessary.

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