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Our aim is to inspire our level of passion for magnets in everyone, even children! We have developed a range of educational magnets for children and people wanting to know about the wonders of magnetism. If you are a parent, a teacher or just a big kid you will find something to inspire you. Follow Professor Gauss™ and let him guide you through some experiments and activities you can do in the classroom or at home. Over to you Professor Gauss™...



Welcome to the wonderful world of magnets! Here I have put together some experiments to teach children about magnets, who knows maybe you will learn a thing or two as well.

Purchase some of our bar magnets and get hold of some toy cars. Alternatively, as a design project you can create your own cars, with things around the house.

Tape or blue tac magnets to the tops of your cars, ensuring some are South (S) facing and some North (N) facing.  Create your testing stick by sticking a magnet to the end of a stick.

Teach your children about attracting and repelling with the test stick. Point the test stick North (N) facing or South (S) facing to the different cars and see what happens!

Alternatively, try pushing different cars towards each other and see what happens.

You will need a copper pipe or a roll of tin foil and various strength circular magnets. Make sure the diameter of the magnets does not exceed the diameter of your pipe or foil! Ensure you have equipment to time the falling speed of the magnets.

Simply stand or hold your tube over a table. Next take it in turns to place each of the magnets in the tube. Watch as they pass through the tube, do all the magnets fall the same way?

Time and record how fast each of the magnets pass through the tube. The stronger the magnet the slower it will pass through, this is because the magnet is attracting with the copper/tin foil. If you are using foil try removing some sheets to test the effect!

As you can see from our chart Neodymium 2.9kg pull won by being the slowest magnet. But why? We have just created an Eddy current a method based on the principle of generating circular electrical currents (eddy currents) in a conductive material.

For this experiment you will need: a non-metallic bowl, water, hair pin or safety pin, card or a cork and a magnet. Cut your cork into a disc or if you're using card cut into a disc. 

Grab your safety pin/hair pin and rub one end of the pin with a magnet, you will need to do this for around 30 seconds. This will turn the pin magnetic!

Fill your bowl with water up to halfway, then place your piece of cork or card on top of the water. Then carefully place your pin in the middle of your circle and watch as it moves into position. You can test it’s worked with one of our compasses! 

Let your children work out and label the directions. Carry on the fun by using the compass to set them tasks. For example let them work out which direction rooms are in the house or create a treasure hunt and hide object in the various directions.     


To be a science genius like me you will need to test their knowledge! Below I have put together some activities for you to test your children's knowledge on magnets. 

Get creative. Create your pond characters with your children and decide which topic you are going to teach. For example, times table, science question and answer etc.

Get some of our adhesive backed steel discs and peel and stick to the back of your characters.

Then purchase some of our ceramic ring magnets and tie some string through them. 

Then tie to the ends of chopsticks. Make one for each of your children so they can go head to head.

Then simply ask them a question and get them to fish out the correct answer! Happy fishing!

Here is a quiz I have put together test their knowledge on the wonderful world of magnets.



From what they have learned with the car experiment, test their knowledge on attract and repel.



It's time to have some fun with my magnet crossword puzzle! Good luck!



The fun doesn't have to stop there! I have put together some of my favourite magnets for you to further your children's knowledge and love for magnets. Alternatively, you can shop the full range below:




If you try any of these experiments Professor Gauss would love to see!
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