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Often choosing the right sized magnet for the job depends on where and how it will be used. If you are looking for a magnet to fit a predrilled hole or groove then you may well require a specific size. At FIRST4MAGNETS we have an extensive range of magnets in stock, so if you need something specific, you are most likely to find it listed below.

Magnet Diameter/Width

About Small Magnets

The high power and tiny size of our smallest magnets may surprise you, especially those among the tiniest in our range. In this section you will find small magnets starting at just 1mm (0.04") diameter/wide through to 10mm (0.39") diameter/wide. Each category includes a variety of thicknesses but if you already have a specific thickness in mind, head to the relevant section further down this page.


The smallest magnets in our range are most commonly used by craft and model enthusiasts, technology companies and packaging manufacturers.

About Medium Magnets

The medium-sized magnets in the categories above have very varied properties and uses but they all have a diameter or width that measures between 12mm (0.47") and 23mm (0.91"). You will find all types of permanent magnets in the categories above including alnico, ceramic, neodymium, samarium cobalt and flexible rubber magnets. They all have varied strengths from novelty-shaped magnets through to pot magnets with an 18.3kg (40.34lbs) pull strength. If you have a particular strength requirement, why not browse our shop by strength category.

About Large Magnets

Our large magnets are mainly used for industrial purposes such as engineering and manufacturing. In the categories above you will find large ceramic blocks and strong neodymium discs, rectangular and countersunk magnets. We can also supply a selection of our products in pot assemblies with hook and eyebolt attachments If you are looking for large magnets with high-operating temperatures you will also find a selection of samarium cobalt products in our 25mm (0.98"), 30mm (1.18") and 40mm (1.57") categories.

Magnet Thickness

About Thin Magnets

Among our thin magnet range, you will find a selection of products that are commonly used for creative purposes such as stationery, packaging and design. Our thinnest products are incredibly just 0.5mm (0.02") thick and are made from neodymium magnetic material, the strongest available. Also, you will find our entire range of 0.85mm (0.03") thick flexible magnetic sheet and 0.76mm (0.029") and 1.5mm (0.06") thick flexible magnetic tape.

About Medium Magnets

Among our medium thickness magnets you will find a selection of rod, pot, ring and rectangular magnets of varying sizes and strengths. The magnets in the below categories are good all-rounders used for myriad purposes both domestic and industrial. You can narrow down your search by clicking a category and then using the filters on the left-hand-side of the page.

About Thick Magnets

Our thick magnet range includes many of our strongest magnets and assemblies, specifically designed for industrial purposes such as pot magnets for recovery and retrieval, filter rod magnets for filtration and separation systems and block magnets for motors and generators.

Popular Magnet Sizes

We know that all the permutations of sizes can be daunting if you aren’t an experienced user of magnets, that’s why we’ve grouped our most popular sizes into the categories below. If you are unsure which magnet you need for your purpose, please don’t hesitate to give our technical experts a call, they’ll be happy to help, at 800-917-0841.

5mm (0.2

5mm (0.2") Diameter/Width

10mm (0.39

10mm (0.39") Diameter/Width

20mm (0.79

20mm (0.79") Diameter/Width

30mm (1.18

30mm (1.18") Diameter/Width