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Ceramic Magnets Square

Ceramic magnets are a cost-effective solution to users who require magnets to cover a large surface area. They are often found on refrigerator magnets and in high temperature applications due to their excellent resistance to high temperatures.

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4 Items
  • 10 x 10 x 5mm thick Isotropic Y30 Ferrite Magnet - 0.08kg Pull
  • Magnetic Cable Tie Mount  26 x 23 x 6.3mm thick 6.1kg Pull
  • Magnetic Cable Tie Mount (Stainless Steel) 26 x 23 x 6.3mm thick 6.1kg Pull
  • 50 x 50 x 20mm thick (C8 Grade 3) Ferrite Magnet - 6.8kg Pull

Ceramic magnets are used in applications where magnets can be, or need to be relatively large and the cost needs to be as low as possible.

Ceramic Magnets are easily identified by their dark graphite grey color, they are very inert, they do not rust and do not require any protective plating. They have a reasonable resistance to demagnetization and can operate at temperatures up to 180 degrees Celsius.

Ceramic magnets are used extensively for ‘holiday refrigerator magnets’, for large loudspeakers (particularly bass or subwoofers) and for magnetic conveyor systems where large areas underneath conveyor belts need to be magnetic, but must not be ferociously strong.

Ceramic magnets are considerably weaker than Neodymium magnets, but offer an excellent strength and depth of field when their size or volume becomes relatively large.

An example is a ceramic magnet 75mm (2.95") x 50mm (1.96") x 20mm (0.79") thick, two of these are quite difficult to pull apart, but their size makes them easy to get hold of and to handle. An identically sized neodymium magnet would have the potential to crush fingers and would be dangerous to handle and if these were used to make a magnetic conveyor bed, the conveyor would grind to a halt once a steel part landed on the magnetic bed because the attraction would be too excessive and the cost would be equally excessive.

When ceramic magnets are used with inexpensive steel poles, very high clamping forces can be generated.

For example, our F4MFE755020 is 75mm (2.95") x 50mm (1.96") x 20mm (0.79") and has a maximum pull of 5kgs (11lbs).

No matter how hard you try, it will not lift a steel weight heavier than 5kgs (11lbs).

However, if 2 steel plates each 80mm (3.15") x 60mm (2.36") x 3mm (0.12") are placed on either side of the magnet to make a steel / magnet / steel sandwich, then magnetism is concentrated on the 80mm (3.15") x 3mm (0.12") edges of the poles and the pulling capacity of this magnet-steel assembly suddenly jumps to an incredible 50kgs (110.23lbs)!

High Performance clamping magnets can be constructed using cheap ceramic material and steel poles and this is a very common application for ferrite magnets. Ceramic Pot magnets and ceramic channel magnets use the same concept of concentrating magnetism to achieve unusually high clamping forces from cheap ceramic magnets.

FIRST4MAGNETS stocks a wide range of ceramic magnets for almost any application. Can’t find the magnet you’re looking for? Contact our technical sales team on 800-917-0841.