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Alnico coatings and adhesives

Did you know?
The usual colour for painting Alnico magnets is red – but nobody really knows why!


They are so resistant to corrosion that even when exposed to motor oil, solvents, petrol and alcohol, they do not corrode. However, over time, because of small amounts of iron that may be present in the magnet, they are prone to surface corrosion if exposed to water. Untreated Alnico magnets will also show some signs of corrosion over time when exposed to strong alkali solutions and inorganic acids.

Although not widely regarded as necessary a common coating for Alnico magnets is paint, usually to make them look better as their raw surface is a dark grey colour if not machine polished. The colour of choice is almost always red! Also, Alnico magnets can be just as easily coated in a variety of metals such as chrome or nickel. stocks a small range of red epoxy painted high quality Alnico magnets. Our Alnico magnets are available in a range of different shapes and sizes.

All horseshoe magnets are manufactured from Alnico, A horseshoe is a bar magnet which is shaped so that both poles lie on the same plane.

The red painted horseshoe is the iconic image that everyone sees in their minds when thinking of a magnet.


With the right adhesive, magnetic and non-magnetic material can be bonded to other surfaces. Clean and grease free services provide best bonding surface. At we recommend the following adhesives for use with our neodymium magnets.

  • Araldite Rapid Adhesive
  • Loctite Industrial Strength Adhesive