A Simple Solution To Stopping Light Seepage With Magnets

No one likes a bad night sleep, especially not from light seeping through your curtains. Sleep plays a vital role in everyone’s life it helps improve mental/physical health, it supports a healthy brain function and makes you more productive during the day. So why let the things like your curtains get in the way of this? Especially since this can be easily fixed with our simple solution!

All you need is our Stitch In PVC coated ‘Quick Change’ Textile Magnets:

Once you have purchased the stitch in PVC coated ‘quick change’ textile magnets then all you
need is a good needle and thread and some scissors.

Then follow these 3 simple steps…

1. Close your curtains and locate

where the light is coming from. Then

mark on the inside of each of the

curtains and take the curtains down.

2. Then simply sew one of the magnets

to the markings you made and then

sew the other on to the opposing


3. Put your curtains back up and when

the curtains are drawn the magnets will

attract making the curtains meet and

close fully together, preventing light

from seeping through!

Did you know that this hack is also great for winter?!
Ensuring your curtains are closed tight will ensure you keep the cold out and the heat in!

This trick can be used in any curtain application throughout the house or for in camper vans.

Still have a query about using magnets with curtains?
Contact our experts on 0845 519 4701 or email sales@magnetexpert.com.

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