Magnet hacks for your kitchen!

We are passionate about magnets and the endless possibilities they provide. Below, you will find our top 5 ways to use magnets
to creatively transform your kitchen! Scroll down to learn more…

Display photos or leave notes with our glass wipe boards

Add a splash of colour to your kitchen with our glass wipe boards. These stand-alone boards can create the perfect
notice board for your kitchen. You can write on them and attach magnets of your choice to help pin on pictures, keys,
utensils etc. Available in 8 different colours to suit any kitchen!

Create more storage space

Declutter your cupboards and shelves with this simple hack. Simply attach some self-adhesive steel discs to the surface
you want to attach the jars to. Then apply some self-adhesive disc magnets to the tops of jars. Leave both discs to set for
24-32 hours before attaching together. Then fill the jars spices, tea bags, washing powder, cotton pads etc.

Create your own kitchen roll dispenser

A simple and easy solution for hanging your kitchen roll. All you need is a pack of our adhesive neodymium magnets,
a cork, string and a brass pole. Simply peel the self-adhesive back and stick to the flat bottom of your corks. Allow the magnets
to secure for 24-32 hours.  Then apply the cork to your fridge, or any steel appliances. Then thread some string
through a brass tube or paper straw, ensure the tube is in the middle of the string. Then thread the string through
your kitchen roll, tie and hang from your cork.

Magnetic Spice Rack

Create more space in your cupboards by making your own magnetic spice rack. Simply attach some
self-adhesive disc magnets to the tops of the jars and leave to dry for 24-32 hours. Then simply attach
the jars to any steel surface.

Bottle holders

Let us introduce your new drinking buddy or should we say beverage buddy! Impress your friends, family
and neighbours as you store 6 of your favourite bottled beverages in your fridge, cupboard or shelf
with super-strong Neodymium magnets.

Who knew that magnets could transform your kitchen in so many ways! Keep an eye out for more ideas coming soon. If you do try any of these hacks or create
your own magnet masterpieces, we would love to see them! Please send pictures or videos to We shall feature your work on our website!  

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