Bringing Life Back To a Science Demonstration Dummy

Your leg bone connected to your knee bone. Your knee bone connected to your thigh bone… You get the gist. Magnets are commonly used as a teaching aid or taught in science at secondary school. They can also be used to attach and hold things into place, and this is exactly what a Senior Science Technician used our magnets for. They used our magnets to connect their demonstration dummy’s body parts together. Originally the dummy was connected together with plastic pins, which kept snapping and breaking. They were looking for a more reliable way to fix the pieces together.    

To do this, they purchased our 4mm dia x 7mm thick N42 Neodymium Magnets – 0.68kg Pull. These magnets were the perfect choice, as the strength of the magnet was strong enough to hold the pieces together but weak enough for you to be able to remove the body parts with ease. What’s more, the magnets were also the right size to be glued and stuck into the old pin holes.

  You can view the final outcome below.

As you can see the dummy parts are successfully connected together. – RESULT! We would like to give a shout out to Bristol Grammar School and thank their Senior Science Technician for sharing their photos with us.

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