Creating wardrobe closures with countersunk magnets

Ideal for furniture fixings, hanging artwork and keeping cupboard doors or drawers closed, countersunk magnets are the perfect tool for fixing to a non-magnetic surface. Their countersunk holes allow them to be screwed into place, with the screw sitting flush into the magnet. Countersunk magnets with opposite poles (north and south) on the countersunk face can be used to attract two surface together. We recently heard from a customer who did just that to on their wardrobe door, find out more below…

For their application they purchased 1 x 30 x 21 x 8mm with (2x) 4.2mm c/sunk holes N42 Neodymium Magnet North and 1 x 30 x 21 x 8mm with (2x) 4.2mm c/sunk holes N42 Neodymium Magnet South.

As demonstrated above, countersunk magnets are very easy to install. Simply mark the positioning for the screws in pencil and screw into place. Our customer did just that and screwed one north pole countersunk magnet to the wardrobe door and then used the south pole countersunk magnet inside the wardrobe. Note it doesn’t matter which way round you install the poles they will still attract together. See the customers photos below:

Good to know

We recommend you use stainless steel screws. As the material only absorbs a small amount of magnetism from the magnet they are securing it helps prevent the screw from short circuiting the magnetic field, which would reduce the performance of the magnet. For these particular countersunk magnets we recommend you use these: 4mm dia head x 2mm dia thread x 9.5mm long Stainless Steel Screws.

As you can see from the pictures the countersunk magnets are simple and easy to install. Countersunk magnets are the perfect solution for closure applications, as it holds the door securely in place, whilst being able to easily open when needed. This can be demonstrated in the video below also sent in from the customer. We would like to thank our customer for sending in their photos and video of their application. If you have an application you need help on our experts are here to help, contact them on 0845 519 4701 or if you would like to share your application with us send them to

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