Working in environments where you handle vast amounts of stock and products, it’s essential they are organised efficiently to avoid any confusion. Our experts have been currently been working with LUR who wanted to create a system to label up their products. LUR design and produce railway products, castings and forgings intended for all industrial sectors, as well as tool steels and forged ingots.

Our customer wanted their stock system to be both highly visible, as well as ensuring that the stock indicators were not left on during further processing of the wheels. After a discussion with our experts, our customer purchased our F4M40 coloured planning magnets in green and yellow.

These were placed within a plastic barcoded label bag and attached to the steel train wheels to allow them to track them all through the system using different colours for the different sizes. You can see the final result below…

As you can see a simple, yet effective way of labelling stock, without causing any permanent markings! We would like to thank LUR for sharing their images with us.

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