Fight back against winter with our magnetic Winter hacks!

We all love how picturesque the frost of Jack Frost looks. We love to get all wrapped up in our hats and scarves for a winter walk and getting home to get cosy by a fire, but we cannot deny that sometimes winter comes with its disadvantages. With this is mind we have put together some of our top magnetic hacks to help eliminate some of your winter problems.

Magnetic Car Covers

Clearing frost on your car during the winter months is a time-consuming, unwelcomed task. Our solution create your own magnetic car covers. Save your time in the cold by creating your own frost fighting car covers! For this you will need a waterproof sheet and either our sew in magnets or rubber coated magnets. Whether you’re an advanced sewer or need something quick and easy, we have the solution for you!

Sew in magnets solution


Ensure the sheet is able to cover the whole of the car’s windscreen, mirrors and the first two front mirrors, whilst leaving a good 5 cm excess around.


Next with the sew-in magnets simply sew them in evenly around the edge of your sheet.


Finally, in the evening simply apply the sheet to the frame of your car. The excess material will allow you to pull the sheet tight to ensure the sheet flush to windscreen, to help avoid any frost from sneaking in!

Rubber Coated Magnets Option

If you’re not a whizz with a needle and thread, do not worry! Simple use some of our rubber coated magnets. Then simply lay your sheet over your car and use the magnets to pin the sheet on to your car. The rubber coating will protect the magnet against the weather. If you think rubber coated magnets will be fiddly to handle, you can try some of our skittle magnets. There shape will allow you to lift and place the magnet with ease!

Other winter warmer tips…

Magnetic Curtains

Curtains are a great way of keeping the heat in! However, curtains can move around or not meet properly, causing cold air to creep in.

Solution: Like the with the magnetic car cover simply,  sew in magnets to the hems of your curtains, ensuring they line up on the opposing curtain. When they close, the curtains will close snug, for them cosy nights in!

Winter customer applications:

Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing is a cheaper solution to double glazing and is something you can install yourself.

Solution: For this all you need is our FerroFlex®, MagFlex® tapes and a plastic sheet. Then simply follow this step by step guide…

Magnetic Letterbox Covers

Keep the heating bills low by covering any uninvited drafts! Most vents and letter boxes are made from a ferrous material, which magnets love!

Solution: Our magnet sheets and tapes can be used to either cover or be cut to create a seal around any existing covers.

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