Secondary glazing with magnets

The nights are drawing in, the temperature is dropping, and frost is starting to appear, all the classic signs that winter is approaching! Due to the cold weather our Experts frequently get asked about winter based applications, in particular about achieving secondary glazing with magnets. Secondary glazing is a cheaper solution to double glazing and is something you can install yourself. With this in mind, we have put together a simple step by step guide for you. All you need is our FerroFlex®, MagFlex® tapes and a plastic sheet.

Benefits include:

Now simply follow our easy step by step guide…

1. Ensure your plastic sheet will

fit and cover the full width

and length of your window.

2. Then simply measure and cut the

self-adhesive MagFlex® tape to the

size of your plastic sheet.

3. Stick the self-adhesive MagFlex®

around the edge

of your plastic sheet.

4. Then repeat this process with the

FerroFlex® tape around the window

frame. Our FerroFlex® tapes have a

gloss white finish, providing a clean

aesthetic when applied to your window.

5. Allow the tapes to secure

separately for 24-32 hours before

applying to each other.

6. Simply apply the

plastic sheet to your window frame.

You now have your own secondary

glazing at a fraction of the cost!


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