Top 5 Magnetic Gadgets for your office

Bring style and organisation to your office with our helpful guide: Top 5 magnetic gadgets for your office!
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Magnetic Sleeves and Pouches

Magnetic pouches are ideal for storing artwork and aiding visual management in the workplace.
The clear sleeve keeps designs protected, whilst being easily visible for the whole team to see.

Magnetic Gridding Tape

MagFlex® high-quality, magnetic gridding tape has been designed to work perfectly with white boards
and other metal noticeboards providing a secure grip.

Magnetic Notes

Magnetic Notes are perfect for encouraging your creativity when taking notes or leaving reminders.

Magnetic Paint

Apply FerroPaint® to your office walls to create an engaging ferrous surface that magnets will
attract to. Transform your office with our FerroPaint® and remove the need for tacks, pins and nails.

Magnetic Glass Wipe Boards

Our range of colourful magnetic glass wipe boards offer style, vibrancy and convenience, and are ideal
for use within offices, homes or classrooms. Glass accessory holder sold separately.

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