The Squeezey – A magnetic tube squeezing device

almost empty tube of toothpaste and toothbrushSqueezing the last remnants of toothpaste out the tube is frustrating, especially when you are bleary-eyed in a morning and you come to brush your teeth to find the ‘squeezer-from-the-top’ in your household has been at it again…

Thankfully a team of designers has solved this age-old irritation with an incredibly simple and innovative product – known as a Squeezey. The team are not seasoned product designers, but a budding group of secondary school pupils from Weald of Kent Grammar School!

The six-strong team of students entered their Squeezey idea into the Design Museum’s annual Design Ventura competition and scooped top prize in last year’s competition. The free-to-enter competition gives entrants access to product design and enterprise experts with the winning idea put into production and sold in the Design Museum shop, with all the proceeds going to the winning team’s chosen charity, which this year is The Brain Tumour Charity.

Just a couple of months after winning the competition, the students from Kent launched the Squeezey, and they are now flying off the shelves at the Design Museum.

At first4magnets, we absolutely love the Squeezey, and we are equally proud too as we were able to provide the small self-adhesive magnets that are stuck to the back of each and every Squeezey, so that they can be stuck to any steel surface in your bathroom.  The iconic London designs can even double up as fridge magnets as they can be used with any squeezable tube, not just toothpaste!

If your bathroom is missing its Squeezy, head to the Design Museum online shop to purchase yours today and all the proceeds will go to The Brain Tumour Charity!

Images of new magnetic squeezeys

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