Using Countersunk Magnets on a playhouse

Hands up if you have ever wanted your own treehouse or playhouse as a child?! Us too! We recently heard from Mr and Mrs Kear, who built a playhouse for their Granddaughter. They also purchased some of our magnets to help with some finishing touches on the playhouse. Can you spot them from the finished result below?

From the picture, we think you will agree that they have definitely won points for being the coolest Grandparents ever! Aside from this can you guess where our magnets have been used on the application? Perhaps it would help if we showed you the magnets they used…

They purchased 4 x North 20mm dia x 3mm thick x 3.6mm Countersunk Neodymium Magnet and 4 x South 20mm dia x 3mm thick x 3.6mm Countersunk Neodymium Magnet. These magnets a commonly used in fixtures and fittings and if you haven’t guessed yet, they were used to hold the window shutters in place.

These magnets are installed by screwing stainless steel screws into the countersunk hole, which allows the screw to sit flush inside the magnet. As demonstrated in the diagram below:

Expert tip:

Our experts advise using stainless steel screws as the material only absorbs a small amount of magnetism from the magnet they are securing. This helps prevent the screw from short circuiting the magnetic field, which would reduce the performance of the magnet. For the magnets used in this application we recommend using our 6mm dia head x 3mm dia thread x 13mm long Stainless Steel Screws.

You would have also noticed that they purchased north and south versions of the countersunk magnets, this is because north and south attract together. They simply screwed a north countersunk magnet onto the window shutter and then screwed a south countersunk magnet onto the playhouse wall. When the shutters are opened the magnets will attract together, holding the shutters securely open. This avoids the shutters getting damaged from any windy weather. This is demonstrated below in our customers photos.

As you can see from the pictures the magnets provide subtle finish. We were delighted to receive these pictures from Mr and Mrs Kear, it definitely brought a smile to the team and got us all in a nostalgia mood! We hope their Granddaughter enjoys her new playhouse and would like to thank Mr and Mrs Kear for sharing their photos with us.

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