Using countersunk magnets on your bi-folding doors

With the temperatures rising, we are receiving an increasing number of calls on summer-based applications. We recently heard from one of our customers who was looking for a solution for folding and holding their bi folding doors open.

Our experts advised the customer to purchase pack of 10 rubber coated countersunk magnets.  These magnets are countersunk on both sides and are have north facing one side and south facing on the other. The north side is marked out by a hole made within the rubber coating. Rubber coating magnets are great for outdoor applications as the coating protect the magnet from corrosion and provides a soft impact for when the doors fold into each other, which protects the door from knocking against each other.

Rubber coated countersunk magnets: left north face & right south face

The customer screwed in the first set of countersunk magnets north facing on one door and then screwed in another set south facing on the other to allow them to attract. With these particular countersunk magnets, we recommend you use 12mm dia head x 6mm dia thread x 40mm long Stainless Steel Screws. These screws have been specially designed for use with our countersunk magnets. As the material only absorbs a small amount of magnetism from the magnet they are securing it helps prevent the screw from short circuiting the magnetic field, which would reduce the performance of the magnet.

As you can see from our customers great pictures, that the application was a success! How simple is that? We are pleased that our experts were able to recommend the right magnet for their application. We would like to thank our customer for getting in touch and sending in their photos of their application. If you have an application you need help on our experts are here to help, contact them on 0845 519 4701.

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