Water Conditioning Magnets Arc Segment

Our water conditioning magnets are designed for applying to piping to soften water passing through by providing constant magnetic treatment. The concept behind this is thought to reduce limescale build up and improve the flow of water through piping.

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Our water conditioning magnets provide a constant supply of magnetically treated water. They are extremely easy to fit and will work continuously for 20 years with no running costs or maintenance needed.

The unit size is 65mm x 30mm x 30mm tall for both the 15mm pipe and 22mm pipe varieties. The neodymium magnet inside the 22mm unit is double in size to that in the 15mm to give a stronger and deeper magnetic field. The 65mm pipe unit size is 55mm x 55mm x 70mm tall. Please click on the photos below to see more specific information.

Each unit has a very powerful neodymium magnet inside and comes complete with two cable ties to make attaching it to the pipe straightforward.

The units should be positioned close to the tap, washing machine or shower to get maximum results. Ideal places are directly under the sink on the cold water pipe, just before the washing machine water inlet and on the pipe leading to the shower. In smaller houses most people find that a single water conditioning magnet positioned just after the mains stop cock is sufficient.

These magnets should be 200mm (8inches) away from any other devices.