3 Magnets In Your Pockets You Didn’t Even Know About

Magnets are everywhere and play an important part in everyday life and even if you don’t realise it, you probably have three magnets in your pocket right now! This may surprise you but there are small high-powered neodymium magnets in pieces of technology you wouldn’t dare leave home without.

These devices would not function without the power of magnets and in turn, we couldn’t imagine functioning without these three items.

Magnets In Your Headphones

Wireless headphones, earbuds, and AirPods have risen in popularity as they can be used for listening to music and hands-free communication which is crucial in a world where everyone is on the move be it commuting, traveling, or working out.

Regardless of how you use your headphones, one thing for sure is they would not function without the tiny magnets used to power the speakers contained in the headphones.

Magnets In Your Smartphone

A smartphone has become an essential piece of equipment in everyday life for almost everyone, be it talking with friends, working, getting directions, shopping, or anything a phone can be used for nowadays.

While they can be used for almost everything in everyday life, a crucial function of every phone is the speaker which is crucial for listening and communicating and these speakers would not function without tiny high-powered neodymium magnets which power the speakers.

Newer iPhones even have MagSafe charging which is designed to quickly and safely wirelessly charge your iPhone and is a feature completely reliant on magnets.

Magnets In Your Smart Watch

The newest revelation in technology is smartwatches, whether you wear them to count your steps and track the calories you’ve burnt or use them as a smartphone on your wrist.

Many smartwatches use wireless magnetic charging, after a long day it’s easy and convenient to take off your watch and set it on its magnetic charger, before simply grabbing it and going the next day.

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