4 Magnet Videos Which Will Blow Your Mind

Hi there. You may have guessed it, but I love magnets. I also love discovering awesome videos about magnets and luckily the web is full of magnet and physics videos. Here I highlight five of my favourites.

#1 Super-strong magnets crushing a man’s hand

Strong neodymium magnets can be really dangerous if not handled carefully. This video shows what can happen if you don’t believe me. Beware, it’s not suitable for young eyes or the squeamish!

#2 Magnets: How do they work?

A great effort from the guys at MinutePhysics explaining how magnets work and quantum mechanics in just over six minutes!

#3 How magnets produce electricity

This video, produced in 1954 is a real blast from the past and is an actual US Navy Training video, yes, you read that correctly. The video is really informative and the fact that it is nearly 60-years-old adds a certain charm.

#4 Copper pipe and a neodymium magnet

This video shows eddy currents in action. The effects are really compelling and a shown really clearly in this video.

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