7 Amazing Magnet Life Hacks

Magnets are used to bring hundreds of ideas to life, resulting in new lifehacks constantly being created, so if you’re looking to save time day today at work, make cleaning your workspace easier or even if you’re looking to improve your grilling skills then we have a magnetic hack for you!

Using magnets has become extremely popular in the DIY world with the wide range of magnets available making almost anything possible. Whether it be around the home or even at work, magnets can almost certainly improve your life day today.

If you’re struggling for ideas, then be sure to take a look at 7 of our finest magnetic hacks below.

Magnetic GoPro Holder

Filming on a GoPro gives you a great shot but how great would it be to have a magnetic stand for your camera!

This magnetic hack requires one magnet and super glue to provide a secure mount and easily adjustable positioning creating endless possibilities of how and where you could use your GoPro.

So, take the next step in becoming the next big vlogger or simply film your DIY projects with ease with a magnetic GoPro mount.

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Magnetic Drill Bit Holder

How many drill bots have you dropped and lost over the years? This magnetic hack could be ideal to not only save you time and stress, but also a few drill bits.

Using our countersunk magnets Tim, from The Restoration Couple, was able to create an interactive space in which all drill bits or screws can be stored right at your fingertips.

We recommend gluing the countersunk magnets to your drill to avoid damaging your power tool and we would strongly recommend gluing a magnet to the area as shown by Tim to avoid affecting the drills interior motor.

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Bonfire Retrieval Magnets

If you enjoy a bonfire but hate the clean-up, this is the perfect magnetic hack for you!

After the final flame of your bonfire has flickered out the dreaded clean-up looms over you, but this magnetic hack allows you to easily pick up screws, nails or any ferrous objects without even getting your hands dirty.

All you’ll need is one ferrite ring magnet and a bucket – simply place the magnet in the bucket, hover it over the bonfire remains and attract all of the ferrous debris. Once you have attracted all of the ferrous debris, simply take the bucket to where you are looking to dispose of the debris, lift the magnet out of the bucket, and watch all the ferrous objects fall off!

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Making Tools Magnetic

What’s worse than spending five minutes looking for a tool you swear you just put down?

We’ve all been there looking for tools we’ve misplaced time after time, well this magnetic hack can help stop you from misplacing tools and wasting time by securing your tools to magnetic surfaces.

Just by simply screwing or gluing one of our countersunk to the back or side of your favourite tools you can keep your workspace organised and easily stick your tools to any magnetic surface!

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Magnetic Hoover Head

Cleaning your workshop or workspace is extremely important but can be a tough task but thanks to, Tim from the Restoration Couple, you no longer have to sweep floors manually.

Pick up all screws, nuts, bolts and nails as you hoover and completely avoid scratching your floor with this magnetic hack.

Simply recreate this magnetic hack using either regular neodymium magnets and super glue or even by using our adhesive backed neodymium magnets which can be stuck to any clean flat surface.

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Hanging Tool Bag with Magnets

Carrying around your bag of tools all day can be tiring for any electrician, plumber or builder but this magnetic hack allows you to securely hang your tool bag while you work

Our customer, Duncan, has improved and modified his tool bag making it easier to position it in a more suitable height for working and can prove extremely helpful when working in difficult spaces.

Using two Neodymium Pot Magnets with Carabiners and some elastic cord Duncan has been able to create a mobile holder for his tool bag making his day-to-day life easier.

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BBQ Magnetic Hooks

We’ve all been there, mid-grill, your sausages, burgers and chicken are on the cusp of turning from perfectly charred to burnt you’ve got more food waiting to be cooked and can’t hear yourself thinking over the noise of you hungry guests.

With the pressure on it’s important to have your utensils close by and this magnetic hack is the perfect solution.

Adding magnetic hooks to your BBQ can save you time and make cooking a feast even easier ensuring your utensils are within reach.

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