The Ultimate Guide To Magnetic Paint

FerroPaint® is a water-based emulsion with fine iron particles, that when applied to walls, doors and furniture, creates a ferrous surface you can attract magnets to. Transform your home, office or school with FerroPaint® and remove the need for tacks, pins and nails.

Before applying FerroPaint® it’s important to know where and how to apply this magnetic paint, as well as what coverage each tin of FerroPaint® provides to learn everything you need to know about FerroPaint® then continue reading.

Where can I use magnetic paint?

FerroPaint® can be used in interior spaces and is popular in bedrooms, playrooms, schools and offices. Magnetic paint should not be used outdoors as it can begin to rust, this would also happen if the paint were used in a bathroom where it would be exposed to humidity.

How much does the magnetic paint cover?

Every 1 litre of FerroPaint® will cover 2m² for three coats, providing a strong coat that will firmly hold magnets.

Ferropaint magnetic paint

How is FerroPaint® applied?

Before applying FerroPaint® be sure to check that the area is smooth and even to give the best possible finish, we also recommend priming the surface, particularly if you are working on glass, wood, metal or plastic.

When your surface is ready, mix your FerroPaint® for 3-5 minutes. Using a short nap roller apply 3 coats of FerroPaint® to your chosen surface and leave 4 hours between each coat.

How does FerroPaint®work?

FerroPaint® consists of regular paint but also contains a lot of iron powder, it is these iron powders that turn the magnetic paint into a surface for magnets.

When any walls, furniture, doors or other surfaces and objects are painted these iron components are distributed, by applying three coats to each surface the number of iron particles increases meaning that magnets will hold better.

Is it possible to paint over magnetic paint?

You can paint over the FerroPaint® with emulsion paint, whiteboard paint or chalkboard paint, however, you cannot apply wallpaper over FerroPaint® as this will prevent magnets from attracting.

To ensure that magnets properly adhere, it’s crucial to apply three coats of magnetic paint to a surface before applying a thin coat of emulsion, whiteboard or chalkboard paint.

Before applying any additional paint it’s important to leave the final coat of FerroPaint® for 4 hours to dry.

Tin sizes

0.25 Litre – coverage area of 0.5sq

0.5 Litre – coverage area of 1sqm

1 Litre – coverage area of 2sqm

2.5 Litre – coverage area of 5sqm

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FerroPaint magnetic paint wall covering

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