Everything You Need To Know About Magnetic Locks

Here at FIRST4MAGNETS, we have seen a rise in popularity in the number of properties using electromagnetic locks for their doors.

Electromagnetic locks have many benefits such as their easy installation, their fast-building access, and the security they offer, when considering these factors it is easy to see why their popularity is on the rise.

How Do They Work

Magnetic locks are ideal as they use an electric current or electromagnetic force that will stop doors from opening. This method produces a stronger magnetic field than traditional meting and sealing magnets.

When electricity is applied it activates a magnet, a bolt will then lock the door, removing this power source will then unlock the door.

The permanent magnet within the electromagnet sits behind a copper coil with an iron core, and when electricity is applied, the copper coil creates a magnetic field that redirects the permanent magnet and ‘cancels’ out the external magnetic field. From this, it creates an internal ‘closed’ circuit.

The Benefits of Magnetic Locks

The magnetic field must be energised in order for the electromagnet lock to work properly, meaning they require power to remain locked.

These locks are a fail-safe option in the case of certain emergencies as if the building or property’s electric supply is cut off, the door would still unlock, and people would be able to use the exit still.

Additionally, due to the force holding the doors together, they are a great fail-safe against potential intruders, as anyone attempting to enter would be unable to do so without confirmed access.

Due to their security and reliability energise to release magnetic locks have become a popular option for offices, hotels, businesses, warehouses, and more.

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