Here we have put together all you need to know about our flexible adhesive range, from top tips to frequently asked questions.

Top tip

Our number one rule for when you use any of our products with adhesive backing, is once you stick the product down, you must leave the adhesive to cure for 24-32 hours. If you don’t, you risk the product peeling away.

Are SteelFlex®/ FerroFlex® magnets?

SteelFlex® and FerroFlex® range are not magnets. They are in fact made from a ferrous material, which magnets attract to. For example, you could stick a sheet to wall and use magnets to pin up photos and notices.

What sizes do they come in?

Our flexible adhesive range comes in a variety of sizes, from tapes widths ranging from 12.7mm – 50mm to sheets starting from a4 size up to 5-meter length rolls.

How do I cut the sheet/tape?

Even though our flexible adhesive range comes in a variety of sizes, you may require a different size for your application. No need to worry, as the material of our adhesive range allows you to cut to size. The material can be cut using scissors or a Stanley knife.

What surface can I stick the adhesive to?

Our flexible adhesive range will stick to a flat and smooth surface. However, if your chosen surface is gloss finish or silk-based paints the adhesive will not glue securely.  In this particular situation we recommend using our non-adhesive flexible range; this is because you can use your own adhesive that is more suitable for sticking to gloss finish surfaces.

Can I attract flexible tapes together?

All tapes are supplied in polarity ‘A’ and polarity ‘B’ – if using two pieces to attract together, you will need equal amounts of each polarity. Our 19mm MagFlex® tape is self-mating, meaning that two pieces from the same tape can be cut and will attract to each other.

What do I use for heavier applications?

For heavier applications we recommend you use NeoFlex® range. Our NeoFlex® range are 10 x stronger than our other magnetic sheets and tapes. The incredibly strong hold of NeoFlex® is due to a combination of neodymium material and the friction provided by the rubber binder, making these the most powerful flexible magnetic sheets available.

Top tip on suitable magnet accessories

Certain magnets such as Neodymium have greater magnetic performance and can actually damage MagFlex® by realigning the magnetic particles in the sheet. The result is that the sheet will be significantly weakened in the area(s) that you have placed the magnets. If you are wanting to use a flexible sheet with Neodymium magnet our experts advise using FerroFlex®.

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