10 Super Useful Magnet Hacks For DIY

There’s no better feeling than completing a DIY project, but as soon as one project is complete it’s time to find the next project to start. Well, look no further we’ve got the video for you… 10 Magnet Hacks for DIY!

YouTube’s favourite DIY couple, The Restoration Couple, have put together 10 different ways using a magnet can enhance your next DIY project, no matter if it’s filming your DIY, venturing into blacksmithing or even creating tools to clean your workspace we’ve got a magnet hack for you.

Using a whole range of different magnets including countersunk, rectangular, rubber coated and more, Tim from The Restoration Couple has created several useful magnets hacks you must have in your workspace.

If you’re looking to recreate any of these magnet hacks, then find the link below for each specific magnet.

GoPro Mount

Light Fixture

Magnetic Tool Hacks

Drill Bit Holder

Magnetic Stud Finder

Anvil Magnet

Magnetic Hoover Head

Bonfire Cleaner

Sewing Magnets

Sewing Machine Magnet

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