How To Boil Water With Magnets

We’ve seen hundreds of experiments using magnets and everyone will have come across a magnet or two throughout their time in school, be it learning about north and south poles or electromagnets, but have you ever seen anyone boil water with magnets?

If not, then today is your lucky day as you’ll learn how to boil water with magnets.

Although it may be quicker to use a kettle or potentially build a fire, you never know when you may need to boil water and have a few magnets lying around. Okay, we know you’re more likely to come across this in a science lesson, but if you didn’t it’s never too late to learn.

So, how exactly does this occur? Well, an alternating magnetic field is created by the rotation of magnets with different poles, this generates an eddy current in metal, heating it up.

Take a look at our diagrams to show this exact experiment was laid out.

To learn exactly how each element of this experiment works, please watch the full video created by YouTube channel grain above.

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